Thursday, December 8, 2022

H.P. Lovecraft does the Brady Bunch

 More ChatGPT madness.  Here is what it gave me when I asked it to rewrite the Brady Bunch theme song in the style of H.P. Lovecraft:

The Brady Bunch theme tune in the style of H.P. Lovecraft would be a dark and eerie composition, evoking the sense of cosmic dread and madness that are common themes in Lovecraft's writing. The melody would be slow and ominous, with a sense of foreboding and impending doom. The lyrics might include references to ancient and unknowable beings, as well as the corruption and decay of the human mind in the face of the universe's horrors.

 Verse 1:

 In the land of the Brady Bunch,

Where the air is musty and stale,

Lurks a darkness, deep and ancient,

That no mortal can avail.


 In the house of the Brady Bunch,

Where the laughter once did ring,

Now there dwells a creeping terror,

That will make your heart take wing.

 Verse 2:

 In the hearts of the Brady Bunch,

Where once joy did reign,

Now there grows a creeping madness,

As they stare into the void.


 In the home of the Brady Bunch,

Where the family once did thrive,

Now there reigns a lurking horror,

That will steal their peace of mind.


 As the stars align in cosmic fury,

And the gates of chaos open wide,

The Brady Bunch will face their doom,

As they confront the Great Old Ones.


 In the world of the Brady Bunch,

Where the sun has lost its glow,

Now there reigns a creeping horror,

As they face the Great Old Ones.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

ChatGPT and 1960s Television Theme Tunes

 Like many people, I've been playing around with ChatGPT this week.  My colleagues in the Physics Department have discovered that it can generate somewhat credible physics homework problems and solutions.  However, I have been exploring a more important use:  translating 1960s TV theme tunes into classical literary forms.  Here's the theme from Gilligan's Island rendered in the style of Beowulf:

Lo, the theme of Gilligan's Island rings true, A tale of a fateful trip that ended in woe.

The castaways, they set sail on the sea, But a storm, it did arise, and their vessel was tossed.

Stranded on an island, with no way to go, The travelers must find a way to make their home.

There's the valiant skipper, the first mate, and more, Each one with a strength to help them explore.

But the bumbling Gilligan, oh what a sight, His clumsiness leads to problems, day and night.

Together, they must learn to survive, And find a way off the island, if they're alive.

With dangers lurking, and challenges ahead, The castaways must work together, or they'll all be dead.

So let us cheer on Gilligan's Island, As they strive to escape their fateful plight.

And the theme from Flipper in the style of Chaucer:

In the days of old, when knights were bold,

And dolphins roamed the sea,

There was a tale of a noble steed,

Whose name was Flipper, oh so fleet.


With fins as strong as any sword,

And a heart that knew no fear,

He swam the waves with grace and ease,

And saved the day time and time again.


Through storm and strife, through battles won,

Flipper was always there,

A symbol of strength and courage,

A friend to all who knew his name.


So if you ever find yourself adrift,

In danger or in need,

Just call upon the mighty Flipper,

And he will come to your aid, indeed.


For Flipper is the bravest of them all,

A true and noble hero,

And his legend shall live on forever,

In the hearts of those who know his name.

I'm always happy to see the latest technology put to good use.