Monday, June 26, 2017

Star Trek Dentistry

Upon reaching a Certain Age, your teeth begin to disintegrate -- something to look forward to, kids! Thus it was that I found myself sitting my dentist's office last week, waiting for a new tooth. What I hadn't realized is that dentistry has, over the past decade, entered the era of Star Trek.

The dentist began by waving a sensor, not unlike a tricorder, around the inside of my mouth. The sensor had a flashing light and made clicking noises like a Geiger counter, but I suspect the noises were just to convince me that it was actually doing something. The sensor data was sent to a computer, which generated, in real time, a model of the replacement tooth. The computer model was then transmitted to a 3-D printer in the next room, and the tooth was printed up in a few minutes while I waited. After some minor adjustments, the dentist put the new tooth in an Easy-Bake Oven for about 10 minutes, and I was good to go. The whole process took less than an hour.

I can't wait for them to start printing livers and kidneys.


Unknown said...

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Robert Scherrer said...

Normally I would delete your comment as spam, but what can I say? At least it's on-topic.