Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gilligan's Island: Time-Shifting your Children's Popular Culture

A bit off the topic of this blog, but I have an article at National Review Online about raising children in the current cultural milieu; you can read it here. Neither my background in science nor in science fiction qualifies me to write the article; it's based on my experience in raising six children.

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Phillip Helbig said...

I've often thought about doing this with my family: we were all born in different countries. But what is the critical mass? The allusions and in-jokes are funny only if at least a minimum number of people are in on them.

Yes, Gilligan's Island. My Three Sons. The Beverly Hillbillies. Leave it to Beaver. Batman.

I'm probably about 10 years younger than you, but grew up in the same sort of atmosphere. Here's a puzzle for you: Single parents, especially single fathers, were rare in the 1960s, and even rarer on television (which was always a cleaned-up version of society). But just off the top of my head I can think of 5 1960s US television shows which featured single fathers.