Monday, October 17, 2016

Pokemon? Or Prescription Drug?

My nephew, a fourth-year medical student, is visiting for a month to do an externship at Vanderbilt. He told me about a game that the medical students play: one person announces a name, and the other person has to guess whether it's the name of a Pokemon or a prescription drug.

Here's a sample for you to try.  See if you can figure out which of these are Pokemon, and which are the names of drugs:

A. Remelteon
B. Remoraid
C. Empoleon
D. Zingo

Answer after the break...

The anwer is...  Remelteon is a sleep aid, related to melatonin.  Zingo is a local anesthetic. Remoraid and Empoleon are Pokemon. I gather that the drug companies actually have large divisions responsible for generating new drug names. They must employ a lot of people who used to work for The Pokemon Company.

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